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Frequently Asked Questions


What to expect on my first visit?

Prior to your first visit please completely fill out the new-patient form to allow more time during your exam. When you arrive, Dr. April will conduct a comprehensive interview with you that explores your current health concern(s), medical history, your childhood, lifestyle habits & health goals. This allows her to have a thorough understanding of your current health & how we can work together to support your needs.

After your consultation, Dr. April will perform a complete chiropractic physical examination. During your exam she will evaluate your posture & the tone of your nervous system as well as check for patterns in your soft tissue & subluxation tracks you may have during that time. Certain neurological & orthopedic testing will also be performed as needed.

Your first visit will end after your physical exam. Dr. April will answer any questions you may have about her process & what to expect coming up, but she will give you a complete report of findings on your follow-up appointment along with your first adjustment. Your first two appointments are considered the new-patient welcome process & are billed together as one payment.



What to expect on my second visit?

Your second appointment is typically within a week of your exam so that the findings are relevant at the time of your first adjustment. Again, Dr. April takes time to thoroughly review all the information from your exam so that she can give you a detailed report of findings with the best possible recommendations for you specifically. The beginning of your second visit will be dedicated to reviewing your report together & answering any questions you may have about the information presented to you. Dr. April will at this time discuss any recommendations & the appropriate care plan for your current needs.

You will receive your first adjustment after your report of findings. This is where you will begin the healing process. Please understand that this is a process & that it can take some time to get to the source of your concern(s).



How does chiropractic care work?

Physical, emotional & chemical events can become locked into our bodies, but we have the amazing ability to heal from these experiences. Once we are supported & even just one of these stressors are relieved, our bodies become more aware of the others & we are able to heal holistically (your whole body). Continued chiropractic care helps your body integrate daily input better so that it can focus on other stressors, which contributes to your better, overall well-being.

Every physical, emotional & chemical event feed your brain & nervous system information – if it is perceived as stress your body will hold onto this information until it can integrate or use it. Sometimes this happens immediately, but many times it does not… Dr. April’s gentle care focuses on restoring balance to the nervous system through specific chiropractic adjustments. Her adjustments help your body integrate your experiences so that your nervous system is no longer in a sympathetic (or flight-or-flight) state.


What are BGI chiropractic adjustments like?

Adjustments usually last about 20 minutes & are interactive. Meaning you get to participate as an active member of your adjustment rather than just lying on the table. Dr. April may ask you to take deep breaths; or move your body or she may move you certain ways to better facilitate the adjustment. During a BGI adjustment you may feel the need to move a certain way or express yourself, Dr. April encourages you to do so as this helps release patterns & self-heal. She will introduce light touches according to your subluxation tracks, matching the tone of your body. This allows her to address tension in your soft tissue as well as your joints. These steps may coincide with an osseous chiropractic adjustments depending on your body’s needs. During a BGI adjustment the process is extremely gently & lets your body guide Dr. April to its top priorities.


What is Group Adjusting?

BGI is based on your body’s ability to process the patterns found during an adjustment. Group adjusting is done in an open space with others coming together to achieve the same healing goals. This style of adjusting creates a communal healing space, which will allow you more time to process patterns on your own between contacts while allowing Dr. April to help more people at once. 

If privacy is a concern individual adjustments are available for $85 a session, & can be scheduled after talking to Dr. April about your needs. If you need to talk to Dr. April about care; changes in your health or payment we can set aside 10 minutes before or after your adjustment for one-on-one time.



How do I get the most out of my appointment?

Avoid caffeine, tobacco, exercise (even yoga if possible) & stressful situations for at least 1 hour prior to your appointment so your body is not actively processing these events during your adjustment.

Please arrive 10 minutes early so that you have a chance to sit & feel what is going on in your body. This allows Dr. April to examine & address deeper patterns versus the stress of rushing to arrive.


Do you accept insurance?

Due to the unique nature of your care, Shine does not accept insurance, however we can give documentation for plans that will provide reimbursement. We try to keep our prices comparable to insurance co-payments & have several plan options for many different needs in order to make care accessible for everyone. Not accepting insurance allows Dr. April to provide care that would otherwise be limited, which would effect your healing process & outcome.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everybody’s life. In our desire to be fair to all of our patients, and out of consideration for the doctor’s time, we require a 24-hour advance notice when canceling an appointment. If you are unable to give us the minimum 24-hour notice more than 2 times, you will be charged a $20 fee on the third time it occurs. This will be automatically deducted from the outstanding balance of an existing plan or it can be paid in-full prior to your next adjustment.

No Shows
Participants will be charged in-full for their missed appointment. This will also be automatically deducted from the outstanding balance of an existing plan or it can be paid in-full prior to your next adjustment.

This policy does not apply to pregnancy-related emergencies or if a participate goes into labor.