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What is Bio-Geometric Integration Chiropractic Care?

Generally chiropractors consider a subluxation to be the compression or stretching of the nerves and spinal cord by a misaligned vertebra. BGI builds upon this understanding to include the body’s energetic system as well as soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, organs, glands) along with the spine & nervous system. This added awareness is crucial, as we are made up of all these things.

• Connect breathe with motion
• Decrease stresses of life
• Integrate old & new experiences into your body
• Prioritize your body’s immediate needs
• Improve physical & emotional wellbeing
• Self-healing & growth
• Restore balance in your system

All of our life’s experiences are information, & each of these occurrences must be integrated into your body in a way that’s harmonious with its own tone & frequency. When a particular experience is incompatible with your own tone, it cannot be integrated immediately & is therefore stored into your body until you are able to better deal with its effects. With this understanding a subluxation is the manifestation of unintegrated life experiences. These subluxations can stack over time & cause tension in your body – in its tissue (bones, ligaments, muscles, organs & even cells).

The intent of the adjusting process is to help your body connect with these experiences; fully integrate their information & energy into your body & restore balance. Using BGI enables Dr. April to use the body’s innate geometry to determine the full effect of a subluxation & to be able to prioritize all of your subluxation patterns so that each may be addressed at the best time for you. This creates the best possible opportunity for your body to self-heal. True, long-lasting healing comes from within your own body so that you are not reliant on an adjustment for change.

Bio Geometric Integration BGI Spine Chart showing the body's geometry