hypanis.ru Shine Chiropractic: Gentle, Intuitive Chiropractic Care in the Twin Cities; Minneapolis, St Paul specializing in Pregnancy and Infant care

By nurturing & supporting our bodies we are able to experience its infinitive healing potential with the understanding that energy once used to maintain balance in an unbalanced system can now be used for healing & growth.


I’ve been getting adjusted by Dr. April for years. She’s gentle and thorough. We’re sad to see her leave Atlanta and excited for Minneapolis to gain an amazing Doctor of Chiropractic and healer.


I’ve been working at a physically demanding job for 17 years. About 3 years ago I started getting adjusted by April and since then my body pains have decreased and overall recovery has been shortened. In addition to being professional and knowledgeable, she also gave me tips on stretching, eating and hydration that made my life much more functional. I cannot imagine better care from any professional


Dr. April adjusted me when I was pregnant and then my newborn son. I love her gentle yet thorough adjusting approach. She has always been very intuitive in knowing what had to be adjusted. We will miss you!


April was extremely knowledgeable and informative with helping my back and shoulder pain. With a few adjustments and some daily stretching/motions my issues have slowly dissolved.